Job Listing for Vegetable Farm

Job Description

MMG is looking for seasonal labor on our diversified vegetable farm. We are a small family farm with limited staff, so potential candidates must be flexible, hard-working and willing to work well with a very small team. Candidate will be trained in various tasks and will be expected to learn quickly and accomplish many tasks solo. Preferred candidates will have a self-driving interest in small-scale farming.  Position could begin as early as April 1.


  • 20-40 hours a week outside (in full-sun or rain). The primary responsibilities will be planting, weeding, harvesting, and pack-out for farmers market and CSA sales. Worker will use hand tools and tractors regularly, and must be able to operate a vehicle.


  • Strong work ethic and interest in horticulture and food!
  • Conscientious, energetic and hardworking
  • Physically fit, able to lift 50 pounds, and able to work outside in all weather conditions
  • Work cooperatively with the farm owners and other field workers
  • Must have familiarity with a wide variety of produce, a desire to learn and expand knowledge
  • Strong communication and excellent people skills required
  • Must have ability to work independently, be self-motivated, a critical thinker/problem solver

Hourly pay based on experience.

Send resume with brief description of yourself and interests to:

See our website for more information

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