Conversation with Amy Hicks, Amy’s Garden (Charles City, VA)

In the summer of 2015, the Virginia Farmer and Rancher Coalition team visited Amy’s Garden to talk with Amy Hicks about what is grown on the farm, how the farm developed, and how labor is handled on the farm. Amy’s Garden is an organic farm located in Charles City, VA and you can visit the website at

Amy’s Garden produces organic vegetables, fruits, and cut flowers sold primarily at farmer’s markets. Amy watches food trends and past sales in order to plan what will be grown each season and uses Excel spreadsheets to stay organized. To hear more about the marketing and planning that goes on at Amy’s Garden, watch the video below.

Amy’s Garden is located on 70 acres of land but began as a “backyard garden” and continued to grow into the business that it is now. Hiring labor and communicating with Virginia Cooperative Extension has helped them to be successful through the years. To hear more about how Amy’s Garden started and get more advice from Amy, watch the video below.


Amy’s Garden hires five H-2A agricultural workers and also employs local college-aged students. Organic farming is very labor intensive and it is difficult to find hard workers, with the H-2A process involving a good deal of paperwork and process. However, her employees work hard and take on a lot of responsibility on the farm and at farmer’s markets. To learn more about Amy’s Garden’s labor practices, watch the video below.


Interviewed by: Theresa Nartea, Virginia State University

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