Conversation with Anne Geyer, Agriberry Farm (Hanover, VA)

In the summer of 2015, the Virginia Farmer and Rancher Coalition team met with Anne Geyer, of Agriberry Farm, to hear how they got started, how they run their operation, and how they manage labor and tasks on their farm. Agriberry Farm is located in Hanover, VA and you can visit their website at:

Anne did not grow up on a farm and pursued farming with a sense of optimism and excitement. Agriberry was started in 2008 as an opportunity to grow raspberries and blackberries for a worker training program aimed towards people with no experience in farming. Hear about Anne’s beginning in farming and get advice on your own beginning in the video below.

Agriberry farm grows a number of berries, cherries, and peaches, though the focus is on raspberries and blackberries. Because the farm is always in a state of planning and development, Anne is constantly setting and reconsidering the goals that have been set for Agriberry. Hear about how Anne adjusts the goals set for Agriberry and hear a little about what factors influence these adjustments in the video below.

Agriberry uses online and in-person tools to recruit workers, adopting newer technology to get and stay in contact with their younger workers and make them more comfortable at work. Their workers basically work in berry picking but also have workers who go to farmer’s markets and sell their berries. Hear about the labor Agriberry hires and trains, and the challenges Anne has seen over the years in the video below.


Interviewed by: Theresa Nartea, Virginia State University

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