Full Time Farm Position Open in Surry, VA


Mount Pleasant Foundation is seeking a farm worker with pasture-based livestock and/or vegetable farming experience.

We are part of a private historic plantation located in Surry County, just south across the James River from Williamsburg, VA and the historic settlement of Jamestown.  Our mission on the farm is to create a highly diverse, sustainable agriculture operation that preserves heritage livestock and showcases the rich history of this land. We raise and breed cattle, sheep, hogs, goats, and poultry and grow vegetables and perennial fruits.

Our main focus is the intersection of sustainable, ecologically based agriculture systems and historicity. Most of the farming practices that we employ are modern (2 and 4 wheeled tractors, row cover, electrified polywire grazing breaks, drip tape, wheel hoe, etc.). However, the kitchen garden site is designed to reflect the early 19th century and the livestock that we work with are heritage breeds that date to that time period as well.  Some of the breeds we work with are exceedingly rare and are listed as critically endangered by the Livestock Conservancy.

Our projects are currently in a state of expansion and we need a dedicated individual to add to our team. Given the diversity of our operations, the daily work will vary according to the skillset and interest of the applicant. Farming experience for a minimum of 2 seasons is a must. Tractor/equipment capability is a plus. Ideally an applicant will have a familiarity with at least one of the above operations.

This is a year-round position that is paid by the hour. Overtime pay (time and a half) will kick in after 40 hours in a week.  Expected pay is $12-15/hr. commensurate with experience.

Housing is not available and the applicant will be responsible for finding their own.  The property is a 30 minute commute across the river from the college town of Williamsburg, VA where housing is plentiful and affordable with lots of opportunity for shared housing.  There is some housing to be had on south side of the river which would dramatically reduce the commute but it is more expensive with little to no opportunity for shared housing.  Work schedules can be made flexible to aid with commuting.

If interested, please send a letter of interest and resume to Dea Keen at dkeen@mountpleasantplantation.com  by January 31, 2016.

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