Conservation Districts Are Like Noses: Everybody Has One

New to your area or food production in general?  After meeting the Virginia Cooperative Extension agent serving your area, make plans to visit  the local conservation district office.  Your extension agent and your conservation district employees should be among the all-stars on your farm team.

In my area, we look to John Marshall Soil & Water Conservation District but in Rockingham County, Shenandoah Valley Soil & Water Conservation District supports local residents.  The point is, everyone in Virginia enjoys the support of a local conservation district for those things relating to “. . . locally-driven solutions to natural resource concerns.” (National Association of Conservation Districts).

I thought that it is interesting and worth sharing that a national-level organization exists for the 3,000 local conservation districts in the United States.   See the contributions of conservation districts at your national, state, and local levels at

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