Why did the chicken cross the Capital Beltway?

Why did the chicken cross the Capital Beltway? That’s a good question. Another that might follow is, “Are there chickens close enough to cross the Beltway?” Actually, yes there are poultry operations near the Beltway along with a noteworthy number of other farm and agriculture enterprises. Hello, I’m Jim Hilleary, the Virginia Farm Mentor Network Coordinator in Northern Virginia. I’ll be posting to Virginia Beginning Farmer Connections regularly in the coming days so I wanted to take a moment to say “Hello”.

This post points readers to the 2010, Northern Virginia Local Food Assessment (American Farm Land Trust). Admittedly, in today’s information environment, a document published in 2010 is nearing old age; however, this report is still relevant. In subsequent posts, I would like to share information relating to beginning farmers, mentee farmers, mentor farmers, and other things Ag & Farm in Northern Virginia.

So why did the chicken cross the Capital Beltway? Propose an answer and let us know here at Virginia Beginning Farmer Connections.

Local Food System Assessment Northern Virginia August 2010

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