Soulstice Farm Internship May –August 2013 in Bedford, VA

Soulstice Farm Internship May –August 2013

Soulstice Farm and A Growing Culture have collaborated to offer a Summer Internship Position at Soulstice Farm in Bedford Va. The A Growing Culture internship at Soulstice Farm Provides a unique experience for aspiring Farmers to be actively engaged with a fully operational farm. Soulstice farm is in a season of transition and is actively seeking a forward thinking, motivated person, to contribute to the design and implementation of the farm system.

Together we can learn, create and reflect on how to work with natural cycles and processes in a more sustainable way.  Using and experimenting with principles from Permaculture, Biodynamics, Biointensive and other sustainable agricultural methods we can continue to further design a farm that will help facilitate the relationship between both human and environment. Soulstice farm is a more than ideal place to come and learn about innovative farming techniques. 

About Soulstice Farm

Nestled in the hills of South Western Virginia, Soulstice Farm is located at the base of Sharp Top Mountain in Bedford County. With quick access to both the Appalachian Trail and the James River; the farm is in an excellent location for outdoor adventurers.  The property is 98 acres with about 40 acres of pasture.  There is a garden that is three quarters of an acre with a natural spring running through the property.  Here at Soulstice Farm we focus on ecological farming techniques taking steps beyond organic to ensure soil fertility and a balanced ecosystem.

Participants in the internship program will work along side farm manager Will Rutherford to research, develop, and create their own practicum project at the farm.  This is a unique experience in that the intern will be able to experiment with what his or her interests are.  Some examples of practicum topics could be the use of biochar in the garden or an experiment with a variety of composting techniques.  The goal is for the participant to explore ideas and methods that speak to him/her and provide the grounds and support to carry these ideas out.

Expectations of Intern Position:

  •  Help with the design process for further farm development.
  •  Take part in farm chores such as watering and feeding animals
  •  Participate in landscaping and grounds maintenance
  •  Planting and harvesting
  •  Participate in local markets and restaurant deliveries
  •  Keep up with the maintenance of farm tools and equipment
  •  Help advance the farm design to be efficient while decreasing outside inputs

Internship Practicum

The Intern will propose and create his or her own practicum project and follow the project out with the help and support of the members of Soulstice Farm.  The project chosen should be one of personal interest.  The project is expected to be completed by the end of the Soulstice Farm stay.  The Goal of this project is to provide an environment in which you can research, design and follow through with an idea that is important to you.  It is also required that you write three papers to be published on A Growing Culture’s website. For example writing a series about your practicum or writing three separate pieces on different aspects of the farm system. Members of AGC will be available for help and consultation during the writing process.

If you have interest in this internship position please send Will Rutherford your resume and cover letter to:




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