Mountain Heritage Farm Internship Opportunity — Waiteville, WV

Mountain Heritage Farm

215 Rays Siding Road

Waiteville, WV 24984

Janet McDaniel and Bruce Blaylock, Owners

Four to five-month (April/May-August/September 2013) internship opportunity (30-40 hours/week) to work on a 14-acre farm that grows vegetables and fruits for sale through online and on-site farmer markets, as well as the WV Farm-to-School program. The farm has two high tunnels, a shade house for growing lettuces and salad products, and three outdoor gardens. The farm is located between Peters and Potts Mountain ranges in Monroe County and provides nearby opportunities for hiking, fishing, bird watching, and exceptional scenery and wildlife for viewing and photographing.

Duties include assisting with and/or performing the following:

•    Starting, caring for, and planting seedlings/transplants

•    Preparing indoor and outdoor beds & gardens (using rototiller to prepare beds, instilling drip lines, spreading plastic, etc.)

•    Planting seeds

•    Opening and closing high tunnels to regulate temperature

•    Protecting plants with row covers

•    Insect checking and treatment (organic insecticides used)

•    Weeding vegetable and fruits (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blue berries) in high tunnel and outdoor gardens

•    Harvesting produce—vegetables and fruits (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blue berries, cherries)

•    Cleaning and preparing vegetables and fruits for sale at farmer markets

•    Taking products to aggregation site for online and Farm-to-School markets

•    Selling products at local markets (May-September)

•    Clean up & store coolers/totes after markets

•    Documenting planting, harvest, and sales data

•    Pet sitting & care of home/farm when owners are away (extra pay for care of dog

& cat)

•    Mowing grass with small tractor mower and weed-eating around gardens and yard

•    Other duties as needed


Successful applicant will be self-directed and have good work ethic and gardening skills. Excellent communication skills and able to interact positively with diverse people required. No smoking or illicit drug use and responsible alcohol use—not when working on farm. Expected to pick up after self and keep bedroom, bathroom and common areas of home (i.e. kitchen & living room) clean. Pay $100/week plus room and food, especially vegetables/fruits from farm. Phone and internet access provided, although cell phone access is not available at the farm. Must provide three references from former employers and/or faculty.

Interested applicants should contact Janet McDaniel at or call 540-392-2871.

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