Soulstice Farm in Bedford County is offering volunteer opportunities now

Soulstice Farm in Bedford County is offering volunteer opportunities now!

About the Farm:  Soulstice farm is located at the base of the beautiful Peaks of Otter.  The Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian Trail are close neighbors of the property.  There is an acre of garden space in production with hopes of expanding.  The focus, as of now, is to continue to create a farm that has little need for outside inputs.   With thoughtful design we feel this can be accomplished.  We strive to take steps beyond organic standards to create a healthy and balanced ecosystem.   Will Rutherford, the farm manager, have been influenced by many different agricultural methodologies and philosophies including permaculture and biodynamics.  He has recently spent the last year and a half in Asia with A Growing Culture”( doing small scale sustainable agriculture projects in rural communities.  Soulstice farm is a young farm with lots of potential and ambitious ideas.  Come help and learn through hands on experiences   Volunteers will become familiar with the processes of starting a small-scale farm.  This may be a good opportunity for folks who are interested in starting their own agricultural enterprise.

The Garden: The garden is about an acre.  The fence surrounding the garden is made from bamboo off of the property.  There is a small greenhouse in the garden and a small vegetable processing station outside for quick rinses.  A beehive is close by to help with pollination of our diverse selected crops.  About one third of the garden is on sloping land.  You will see swales dug on the slopes to help with water conservation.  We have also been experimenting with hugelkultur in our beds to help maximize the beds water retention.  Shiitake logs are close by with hopes to fruit at the end of the summer.  We are in the process of redesigning some of the beds so that irrigation will be cheaper and more effective.

What Volunteers can expect In exchange for your work and time we would love to support you in anyway possible.  We have stacks of literature and computer files that are up for grabs if you are interested.  Of course the vegetables from the garden will be available and seeds as well.   We would love to share all the knowledge we have for your gracious efforts.

  •  Unfortunately there are no paid positions available at this time however volunteering could possibly turn into paid work in the future.

If this is of interest to you please call and leave a message at (540) 586-0033 for further inquiry.

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