Farm Manager Vacancy – Woodstock, VA

FARM MANAGER – Woodstock, specializing in fruits and vegetables on large scale and coach volunteers to feed hungry through food banks.  Send resume to FCceo@Shentel.Net.

Also see WWW.VolunteerFarm.Org.


Production Horticulturist who is knowledgeable and experienced in the cultivation, planting, growing, maintenance and harvesting of vegetables on non-profit farm entering fifth year.  Sixty-five acre farm located near Woodstock, VA produced 215 tons of vegetables in eight years, all of which was donated to area food banks, food pantries and soup kitchens feeding more than 150,000 people per month.  Farm utilized approximately 15,000 volunteers (mostly under 18 years of age) for planting and harvesting.  Support is provided in office management, recruitment, scheduling, and coordination of volunteers.

Personal Requirements:

  •  Positive thinker with plenty of energy and aggressiveness, devoted to helping the hungry.
  • Knowledge and experience in growing on large scale an extensive range of vegetables.
  • Able to analyze and solve problems
  • Excellent organizational and supervisory skills
  • Good communication and teaching skills
  • Enjoys instructing and mentoring young volunteers with confidence and patience
  • Farm equipment mechanical aptitude
  • Aptitude for working with computers for planning, budgeting, scheduling
  • Cautious, constantly concerned with safety and protection of visitors
  • Certified for application of farm chemicals and operating knowledge of modern drip irrigation system.

Manager shall perform the following tasks:

  •  Under supervision of the Chief Executive Officer, manage the capital, plans and strategic   (direction of the farm under policies of the Board of Directors.)
  • Manage the financial aspects of the business by controlling expenses.
  • Organize and manage the various functions of the farm with the aid of volunteers.
  • Decide or advise on the kind of crops to be grown, the area to be sown or planted.
  • Plan the type of farming activities to be undertaken, estimate operating costs and order supplies such as seed, fertilizer, and farm equipment.
  • Manage, with aid of volunteers, the irrigation system to provide appropriate moisture to growing plants utilizing plastic mulch and drip irrigation.
  • Assuring health and safety of all farm visitors, direct farm volunteer workers on crop growing and harvesting.
  • Perform farming functions to be instructive to volunteers.
  • Assure that all equipment (tractors, implements, sprayers, trucks, wagons) are operated away from all volunteers to protect them from accidents or health problems.
  • Plan activities to minimize environmental degradation, monitor environmental effects of  farming activities and repair existing damage.
  •  Maintain records to help in future planning and scheduling of plantings and chemical application.

 Position is Full-Time near Woodstock, VA starting in 2012, salary to be negotiated based on education and experience with substantial
bonus to be based on amount of production.  30 day paid vacation in winter at end of first year, but no other benefits. 

Send resume to:    Volunteer Farm, 277  Crider Ln., Woodstock, VA 22664.

Also see WWW.VolunteerFarm.Org.

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