Welcome to Virginia Beginning Farmer Connections~

Hey Folks!!!

The Virginia Beginning Farmer and Rancher Coalition Project has established a beginning farmer blog;                        Virginia Beginning Farmer Connections.

Virignia Beginning Farmer Connections is intended to be a message board for topics that pertain to beginning farmers and ranchers in Virginia.

“Connections” is broken down into 4 categories; General, Equipment/Farm Related Sales, Farmer/Mentoring/Internship Opportunities, and Land.

Virginia Beginning Farmer Connections can serve as an active communication network for farmers, ranchers, educators, and service providers. We encourage you to post comments, but ask that all posts are appropriate for Virginia Beginning Farmer Connections.  Topics can include, but not be limited to:

  • Questions that relate to farming needs.
  • Resources aimed at beginning farmers and ranchers.
  • Events and programs directed towards beginning farmers and ranchers.
  • Farming/Mentoring Opportunities
  • “Marketplace”/Classified  Listing

You can learn more about the Virginia Beginning Farmer & Rancher Coalition Project by clicking the logo                          under Project Website on the top, right side of the page.

If you want to stay informed about our project activities using  social media, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our listserv.

Visit www.vabeginningfarmer.org

Virginia Beginning Farmer Connections is managed by Kelli Scott, Farm Mentor Coordinator for the Virginia Beginning Farmer & Rancher Coalition Project.  Kelli can be reached at kescott1@vt.edu or (540) 315-5884.

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