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Master Well Owner Network and BSE Drinking Water Clinic

Purpose: The goal of the Virginia Household Water Quality Program is to improve the water quality and health of Virginians with private water supplies, including wells, springs and cisterns. Drinking water clinics are held across the state to give people with private water systems access to affordable water testing, help interpreting their water test results, and information about possible treatment options.

How does it work? Participants attend a short, evening kickoff meeting, where they receive a sampling kit and information about how to collect water samples. At this meeting, participants will be notified of a date, time, and location where they will drop off their water samples. At this collection point, the samples will be iced in coolers and taken to the Biological Systems Engineering Water Quality Lab at Virginia Tech for analysis. Once the analysis is complete, an interpretation meeting is held to distribute the results to each participant. At this meeting, water test results are explained and information is provided about possible treatment options participants may consider. If you are unable to attend the interpretation meeting, results will be mailed to you.

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