Small grains board approves funding for 23 projects across the commonwealth

The Virginia Small Grains Board recently met and approved $374,012 in funding for a total of 23 projects from across the commonwealth that are aimed at improving the production, science, marketing, and public opinion of Virginia small grains. Projects such as these drive the innovation necessary to ensure America continues to have the most reliable and affordable food supply in the world.

Below is a list of the projects the Small Grains Board approved for Virginia Tech for FY 2016-17. At the end of this fiscal year, the funding recipients will provide the results and findings of their projects to the Small Grains Board for their review.

  • Herbicide Sensitivity, Herbicide Resistant Mouse-Ear Cress and Intercropping Wheat with Forage Radish – Michel Flessner
  • Residual Herbicides for Season-Long Management of Italian Ryegrass – Charlie Cahoon
  • Small Grains Research Program Support – Bob Pitman
  • Improving Efficiency of Cultivar Development Through Aerial Remote Selection – Maria Balota
  • Integrated Management of Scab & Foliar Diseases of Wheat – Hillary Mehl
  • Accelerated Breeding for Scab Resistance in Soft Red Winter Wheat – C.A. Griffey
  • Improvement and Development of Barley for Use in Feed, Malt & Fuel – C.A. Griffey
  • Development of Specialty Wheat Varieties with High Value End-Use Properties – C.A. Griffey
  • Characterization and Mapping Native Scab Resistance in Virginia Tech Barley Varieties – C.A. Griffey
  • Marker Assisted Breeding to Enhance Cultivar Development in Small Grains – C.A. Griffey
  • Identification of Diagnostic DNA Markers for Genes Governing Quality Trains in Soft Red Winter Wheat to Aid in Breeding Cultivars Having Improved End-Use Quality – C.A. Griffey
  • Determination of Earlier Planting Date and Potential Cultuvars for Fall Planted Winter Wheat to Optimize the Soybean/Winter Wheat Double Crop Rotation for Increased Yields in Virginia – C.A. Griffey
  • Breeding Wheat for Improved Nitrogen Use Efficiency – C.A. Griffey
  • Development of Doubled Haploid Wheat Lines to Accelerate Cultivar Development – C.A. Griffey
  • FY2016 Mycotoxin Testing Services for Virginia Wheat & Barley- David Schmale
  • Detoxification of Mycotoxin in Virginia Wheat & Barley – David Schmale
  • Virginia FFA Foundation – Brian Walsh
  • Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Wheat: Time-Course Observation of Flag Leaf Physiology – Takeshi Fukao
  • Small Grains Extension Program, Variety Testing and Market Development – Wade Thomason

The Virginia Small Grains Board manages and approves the allocation of small grain check-off funds to eligible programs throughout the state & nation on an annual basis. The funds the Board allocates are provided through a checkoff of one-half of one percent of the net selling price per bushel, collected by the buyer at the first point of sale and then remitted on a quarterly basis to the Virginia Department of Taxation. The check-off assessment is collected only on small grains that are sold by the producer.


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