Recent hires

CALS New Hires

(between Feb. 10, 2016 and March 24, 2016)

Full Name Job Title Hire Date Organization Description

CALS Faculty

Jones, Jennifer E. Graduate Program Coordinator 02/10/16 CALS Administration
Buckwalter, Joseph D. Research Associate CY 02/10/16 Crop & Soil Environmental Science
Hale, Kasey S. Laboratory Specialist 02/10/16 Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise
Pollio, Deborah L. Academic and Stu Supp Advisor 03/14/16 Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise
Marine, Sasha C. Postdoctoral Associate CY 02/29/16 Plant Pathology, Phys, & Weed Sci.

CALS Staff

Khatri, Kshitij Research Spec Sr 02/15/16 Plant Pathology, Phys, & Weed Sci.
Bilbro, Nicholas L. Research Assistant 02/25/16 Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise
Lake, John R. Research Technician 03/14/16 Biological Systems Engineering

Extension Faculty

Hale, Kasey S. Assoc Extension Agent 02/10/16 Scott Coop Extension Service
Winston, Rachael C. Assoc Extension Agent 03/10/16 King William Coop Extension Service
Butterfield, Kimberly M. Assoc Extension Agent, FCS 02/25/16 Roanoke Co Coop Extension Service
Hale, Daniel L. Assoc Extension Agent 03/10/16 Danville Coop Extension Service
Mize, Kayleigh J. Assoc Extension Agent 03/10/16 Brunswick Coop Extension Service

Extension Staff

Schrecongost, Ruth G. Unit Administrative Asst 03/14/16 Albemarle Coop Extension Service
Jenkins, Katie Unit Administrative Asst 02/10/16 Madison Coop Extension Service
Johnston, Julie A. Unit Administrative Asst 03/10/16 Orange Coop Extension Service
Fuentes, Liffny E. Unit Administrative Asst. 03/10/16 Norfolk Coop Extension Service
Martin, Hunter T. Office Support/4-H Prog Assist 02/25/16 Halifax Coop Extension Service
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