Recent hires

CALS New Hires

(between Dec. 25, 2015 and Feb. 9 , 2015)

Name Job Title Hire Date Organization Description

CALS Faculty

Boteler, Beth R. Equine Science Instructor 01/10/16 Animal and Poultry Sciences
Mercadante, Vitor R. Asst Professor AY 01/10/16 Animal and Poultry Sciences
Williams, Sarah P. Postdoctoral Associate CY 12/25/15 Biochemistry
White, Robin Postdoctoral Associate CY 02/01/16 Dairy Science
Kring, Timothy J. Professor CY 01/01/16 Entomology
Huang, Haibo Asst Professor AY 12/25/15 Food Science and Technology
Angelella, Gina M. Postdoctoral Associate CY 01/10/16 Horticulture
Wogenrich, Kevin M. Academic and Stu Supp Advisor 01/10/16 Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise

CALS Staff

Margason, Jeffrey J. Dairy Herdsman 01/10/16 Dairy Science
Sixta, Riley E. MG Communications Project Coor 01/10/16 Horticulture
Adams, Normand R. Grad Prog Pro Coordinator 01/10/16 Agricultural & Applied Economics

Extension Faculty

Parvej, Rasel Postdoctoral Associate CY 01/10/16 Tidewater AREC
Rice, Sharon T. Assoc Extension Agent 01/25/16 Washington Coop Extension Service
Sharpe, Sarah E. Extension Agent 01/25/16 Greene Coop Extension Service
Martin, Kimberly D. Assoc Extension Agent 01/25/16 Brunswick Coop Extension Service
Gorimani-Mundoma, Elizabeth Assoc Extension Agent 01/25/16 Chesapeake Coop Extension Service
Olsen, Edward R. Assoc Extension Agent 01/10/16 Henrico Coop Extension Service
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