2-factor authentication to become mandatory on July 4

In an effort to protect university and personal data, Virginia Tech has introduced a 2-factor authentication protocol to login to university data systems such as HokieSpa, Banner, Timeclock+, and MyVT.

This 2-factor authentication increases security against online attacks or phishing scams at the point of login, and protects personal and university resources. While it is currently possible to defer enrollment, on July 4, it will become a requirement for all faculty, staff, and students at Virginia Tech.

2-factor authentication works with several different devices that you may have in your possession – your smartphone or cellphone (using an app, text, or phone call), your landline, or various types of hardware tokens. Users are encouraged to enroll before July 4, and to register at least two devices to be used for authentication.

To enroll, choose the ‘Enroll’ option when logging in to HokieSPA or My.VT. Additional information is available at it.vt.edu/2factor – assistance is also available 24-hours a day at 4help.vt.edu (1-4357).

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