External grants report – second quarter of 2016

A partial list of external grants received by CALS faculty during the first quarter of fiscal year 2016 (October 2015 – December 2015) are included here. Only projects with total awards of $100,000 or more are included. We apologize for any omissions.

Title Sponsor  

PI and Co-PIs


Total Award Amount
Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Education (SNAP-Ed)  VA Dept. of Social Services E. Serrano (HNFE) and J. Midkiff (Extension) $6,586,559
CNH-L: Linking Land Use Decision-making, Water   Quality, and Lake Associations to Understand Human-natural Feedbacks in Lake Catchments  NSF K. Cobourn and M. Sorice (For. Res. & Envir. Cons.), C. Carey (Biological Sci.), and K. Boyle (AAEC) $1,799,931 
Balanced Living with Diabetes: Impacting Rural Community Health through Evidence-based program implementation by Cooperative Extension  USDA, NIFA C. Rafie (HNFE), M. Chase (FST), K. Hosig and S. Wenzel (Vet. Med.) and E. Schlenker (Ext.) $315,747 
Coordination of Food Sample Preparation and Analytical Quality Assurance for USDA Contracts  USDA, ARS K. Phillips (Biochem.) $300,000
Increasing Yields and Profitability for Mid-Atlantic Double-Crop Soybean  United Soybean Board D. Holshouser (TAREC) $101,083
Uncovering the hidden skeleton of environmental flows: advanced Lagrangian methods for hazards prediction, mitigation and response  MIT S. Ross (Biomed. Eng. & Mech.), D. Schmale (BSE), and C. Wolsey (Aerospace & Ocean Eng.) $390,507
Evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the partnership for a healthier Americas fruit and vegetable campaign  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation V. Kraak (HNFE) $311,792
Cooperative Agreement Between USDA APHIS and Virginia Tech  USDA, APHIS R. Irwin (Biochem.) $154,542
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