External grants report – first quarter of fiscal year 2016

A partial list of external grants received by CALS faculty during the first quarter of fiscal year 2016 (July 2015 – September 2015) are included here. Only projects with total awards of $100,000 or more are included. We apologize for any omissions.



PI and Co-PIs

Total Award Amount

Sweet Hydrogen: High-Yield Production of Hydrogen for Biomass Sugars Catalyzed by In Vitro Synthetic Biosystems U.S. Dept. of Energy P. Zhang (BSE) $404,316
Information Management in Large Scale Gypsy Moth IPM USDA, Forest Service H. M. Dodd and A. Roberts (ENT) $353,000
Noncanonical Reactions Catalyzed by Atypical Flavoenzymes NSF P. Sobrado (BIOCHEM) $320,000
Soil Science Assistance Program – Virginia Department of Health Va. Dept. of Health J. Galbraith (CSES) $318,450
Boxwood blight: Studying Calonectria Pseudonaviculata Biology & Epidemiology to Enhance Mitigation Strategies USDA, APHIS C. Hong (HRAREC) and A. Baudoin (PPWS) $300,000
Collaborative Research: Elucidating the Molecular Architecture and Dynamics of Phenylalanine Biosynthesis in Plants NSF G. Pilot (PPWS) $274,999
Fetal Outcomes from Maternal Obesity Around the Time of Conception Commonwealth Health Research Board A. Ealy (APSC), S. Johnson (APSC), and S. Clark-Deener (Vet. Med.) $146,330
Gypsy Moth Mating Disruption in Populations of Various Densitite USDA, Forest Service K. Onufrieva and A. Roberts (ENT) $125,000
Principles Underlying the Success of the Weedy Invader Sorghum Halepense (*johnsongrass*) Toward its Containment and Mitigation U. of Georgia Research Foundation Inc. J. Barney (PPWS) $121,544
Estimating Use Values for Land in Agricultural and Hotricultural Uses Va. Dept. of Taxation G. Groover and F. A. Bruce (AAEC) $105,700
Small RNA-mediated Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Governing Adaptation to Submergence and Reoxygenation in Rice Jeffress Trust and Award Program T. Fukao (CSES) $100,000
RCPR Salary Funding Richmond City Kathleen Jamison (4-H Centers and Admin) $100,000
CNH-L The coupled dynamics of human – dryland river systems: linkages and feedbacks between anthropogenic and environmental drivers NSF K. Alexander (Fish and Wildlife Cons.), S. Eubank (VBS), A. Godrej (Civil and Env. Eng.), B. Lewis (VBI), M. Ponder (FST), and Eric Vance (STAT) $1,799,999
CSBR: Natural History Collections: Mission Critical Improvements to Virginia Tech’s Insect Collection NSF P. Marek (ENT) $249,198
CRISPR/Cas9 Guided Production of Genetically Engineered Pigs Lacks CD8+ T-cells NIH Office of the Director K. Lee (APSC) and L. Yuan (Vet. Med.) $197,225
Flavor Distortion Through Interaction of Chemicals in Fluids and Can Coatings: Phase II Project Coca-Cola Company R. Batra (Biomedical Eng. & Mechanics) and S. O’Keefe (FST) $185,336
Preparing a 21st Century STEM Workforce: Defining & Measuring Leadership in Engineering Education NSF D. Simmons (Myers-Lawson School of Construction) and N. Clegorne ( ALCE) $444,183
Protecting the Chesapeake Bay Aquaculture Industry from a Dynamic Carbonate Chemistry Environment NOAA D. Kuhn (FST) and D. Scott (BSE) $353,766
Growing 4-H Science National 4-H Council K. Jamison (4-H Centers and Admin) $311,200
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