Recent hires

CALS New Hires

(between Aug. 10 and Sept. 9)

Current Full Name Job Title Current Hire Date Organization Description

CALS Faculty

Isengildina-Massa, Olga Assoc Professor AY 08/10/15 Agricultural & Applied Economics
Mountain, Travis P. Asst Professor AY 08/10/15 Agricultural & Applied Economics
Ransdell, Leona P. Extension Programming Assoc 08/25/15 Animal and Poultry Sciences
Chen, Hui Postdoctoral Associate CY 08/11/15 Biological Systems Engineering
Hu, Yun Postdoctoral Associate CY 08/21/15 Biological Systems Engineering
Dellinger, Theresa A. Project Associate CY 08/25/15 Entomology
Wu, Jian Research Associate CY 08/25/15 Food Science and Technology

CALS Staff

O’Neill, Evan C. Agricultural Technician 09/01/15 College Farm
Sabus, Michael Agricultural Specialist 08/17/15 Animal and Poultry Sciences
O’Neill, Evan C. Crop Production Laborer 09/01/15 College Farm

Extension Faculty

Sutherland, Kelly E. Assoc Extension Agent 08/25/15 Northumberland Coop Extension Serv
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