National 4-H STEM update

4-H National Youth Science Day is right around the corner! Make sure you have finalized your plan for how your 4-H’ers will be participating in this year’s 4-H NYSD experiment, Motion Commotion, to learn about physics, speed, and safety.

We want to hear what you are doing, so please register your event as soon as possible. This not only helps you to receive valuable support and resources from the 4-H NYSD Community, it also helps National 4-H Council report back to sponsors on the success of NYSD. The more registered events and youth we have, the more funding we are able to get making the experiments better and more affordable for you!

National Youth Maker Summit – Nov. 6-9

Do you have youth who like to invent, build, or experiment? Do they ever catch themselves wondering how something can be improved? Have they ever taken something apart just to see how it works? The Maker National Youth Summit is for the creative and curious young minds of the next generation of innovators. Participants make what they can with a variety of materials from a range of fields, utilizing their resourcefulness and creativity.

National 4-H Curriculum and Learning – September 2015 update

National 4-H Curriculum focuses on positive youth development education through 4-H’s three primary mission mandates: science, healthy living, and citizenship. While curriculum and learning products are created by the land-grant universities, 4-H National Headquarters leads efforts related to quality standards, the peer review process, and evaluation strategies, and National 4-H Council leads efforts related to marketing and sales.

National 4-H Week Materials Available

This year’s National 4-H Week theme is “4-H GROWS Here,” and you can download flyers, posters and more now on the new 4-H Marketing Online Resource Center. Use these advertising materials to promote your program for National 4-H Week and beyond. For any questions please email Sarah Hunt at

4-H Science Professional Development Resources

There are many great 4-H Science professional development resources to help train 4-H educators and volunteers including recordings from the VEAR eConference. The VEAR eConference was developed to highlight the work of four programs that conducted pilot projects on the Volunteer Engagement and Activation Resources toolkit that was developed for 4-H educators. Four programs focused on models for corporate, workplace, teen, and episodic volunteerism in 4-H. These pilot programs agreed to participate in a process evaluation as they adapted the contents of the toolkit for use for their specific audience.

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