Virginia Urban Agriculture Summit registration is open

In two months the Virginia Urban Agriculture Summit will begin in Richmond on Oct. 22 – 23. Registration is now open for the event. Last year’s summit in Lynchburg had some great speakers and networking / learning opportunities and we are expecting the same and we are expecting the same for Richmond too.

This year’s summit is planned to be an exciting one and will focus on two key areas: access and economics. There will be speakers from across Virginia as well as the U.S. Some speakers include Ben Greene, from the Farmery in North Carolina and Ben Flanner from Brooklyn Grange in New York.

Bobby Grisso has graciously approved funding for VCE agents to attend this event for both registration and hotel room. It is highly recommended that you room with another agent. Travel will come out of your travel funds. Special instructions about registration will be below.

Note: The Fall District Conferences will be held that week. If your conference is on the 22 or 23 and you attend the VUAS, you will be expected to attend another district’s conference. Two options include Southeast (Oct. 19) and Northern (Oct. 20).

For more information and to register, please complete the online form

To register – Fill out the appropriate information.

Select “CHECK” as the payment method

There is a block for roommate request and it is listed in the following section –  “Special dietary and other needs.”  Please use this section to enter in your request. 

Thank you to Bobby for his generosity and to you for your time.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Kevin F. Camm
Extension Agent

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  1. Karla Whalen says:

    Please send additional information and registration documents. Thank you.

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