Recent hires

CALS New Hires

(between June 25, 2015 and Aug. 9, 2015)

Current Full Name Job Title Hire Date Organization Description

CALS Faculty

Fernandez-Murga Chavanne, Maria L. Research Associate CY 07/15/15 Biochemistry
Zhou, Peng Research Associate CY 06/25/15 Biochemistry
Kim, Eui-Jin Research Associate CY 08/03/15 Biological Systems Engineering
Rajasundaram, Dhivyaa Postdoctoral Associate CY 07/10/15 Crop & Soil Environmental Science

CALS Staff

Meredith, Elaine M. Project Assistant 07/20/15 Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise
Songer, Ashley N. Project Assistant 07/29/15 Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise

Extension Faculty

Cahoon, Charles W. Asst Professor CY 06/25/15 Eastern Shore AREC
Pudney, Ellen Associate Extension Agent 07/25/15 Northampton Coop Extension Service
Bare, Megan E. Extension Agent, 4H 06/25/15 Rockbridge Coop Extension Service

Extension Staff

Deering, Elvia C. FNPA, Adult, Richmond City 06/25/15 Richmond City Coop Extension Serv
Rosensteel, Samira Fmaily Nutrition Prog Asst 06/25/15 Prince William Coop Extension Serv
Womble, Taneka L. Unit Admin Asst – Sussex Co 07/10/15 Sussex Coop Extension Service
Crawford, Cheryl A. District Adminstrative Asst 07/25/15 Southeast District Office
Pollok, Jill Research Specialist Senior 07/25/15 Eastern Shore AREC
McCall, Dena J. Unit Admin Asst – City/Suffolk 06/25/15 Suffolk Coop Extension Service
Walters, Allison L. Unit Admin Asst – Powhatan 06/25/15 Powhatan Coop Extension Service
Smith, Tracy L. Fiscal Technician 07/10/15 CALS Administration
Puryear, Lori H. Unit Administrative Assistant 07/25/15 Halifax Coop Extension Service
Seals, Sandra P. Unit Administrative Asstistant 07/25/15 Bedford Coop Extension Service
Millner, Shekinah J. Family Nutrition Prog Asst 06/25/15 Danville Coop Extension Service
Krauser, Andrea N. Family Nutrition Prog Asst 06/25/15 Washington Coop Extension Service
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