CALSFA election results

The individuals listed below have been elected to serve in University or CALS committees. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to serve and/or voted in the elections!

University committees:

University Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies

  • Sally Paulson (Entomology)

University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

  • Monica Ponder, (FST)

University Advisory Council on Strategic Budgeting and Planning

  • Ben Tracy (CSES)

 CALS Committees:

CALSFA Executive committee

  • Robert Grange (HNFE)

CALS Committee on Academic Program Policy

  • Cindy Wood (APSC)
  • Susan Clark (Horticulture)
  • Joe Eifert (FST)
  • Renee Eaton (HNFE)

CALS Governance Council

  • Maria Balota (PPWS)
  • Kumar Malikarjunan (BSE)
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