Recent hires

CALS New Hires

(between May 10, 2015 and June 24, 2015)

Full Name Job Title Hire Date Organization Description

CALS Faculty

Roper, David A. Youth Livestock Extension Specialist 06/01/15 Animal and Poultry Sciences
Feng, Xin Postdoctoral Associate 06/15/15 Dairy Science

CALS Staff

Wilson, Chantel M. Urban Nutrient Management Technician 05/25/15 Crop & Soil Environmental Science
Amos, Katlyn L. Research Specialist 06/17/15 Entomology

Extension Faculty

Adkins, Alani N. Assoc Extension Agent 05/25/15 Danville Coop Extension Service
Maxwell, Charlotte H. Assoc Extension Agent 05/25/15 Goochland Coop Extension Service
Williams, Susan M. Center Director 06/10/15 Jamestown 4-H Center
Wilder, Rebecca M. Extension Agent, FCS, SNAP-Ed 06/10/15 Rockbridge Coop Extension Service
Fain, Leslie P. Extension Agent 05/10/15 Isle of Wight Coop Extension Serv
Pratt, Sarah E. Assoc Ext Agent, 4H Youth 06/10/15 Giles Coop Extension Service
Stoneman, Sandra C. Extension Agent, FSC 05/10/15 Wythe Coop Extension Service

Extension Staff

Truitt, Laura N. Research Specialist 05/25/15 Eastern Shore AREC
Pfuntner, Rachel Research Specialist 05/25/15 Eastern Shore AREC
Cliborne, Brandon S. Agricultural Specialist 05/10/15 Southern Piedmont AREC
Jenrette, James C. Research Specialist 05/10/15 Eastern Shore AREC
Mallory-Holcomb, Lauren D. FNP Program Support Technician 05/10/15 Southeast District Office
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