New Experts Directory is launched

Thanks to everyone for their help in editing their entries in the new Experts Directory. The site, which has nearly 300 entries, can be found at

We will be putting out a media advisory about the directory and heavily promoting it through our website, social media, and other outlets.

A few things you may want to know as we go forward:

Why the Experts Directory?

  • Sharing knowledge is at the heart of our land-grant mission.
  • Being quoted in the media can establish you as a subject-matter expert in the eyes of your peers and the general public.
  • Interviews boost the reputation of your department, the college, and Virginia Tech
  • Media exposure increases the likelihood that funding organizations, policy makers, government agencies, nonprofits, and others learn about and potentially fund your work.

What to do if the media calls?

  • Call them back. That day. They are often working on a deadline of 5 p.m. Interviews can be as short at 10 minutes and you can control how long you talk.
  • They may likely be looking for an expert to comment on story they are working on and not about your work per se.
  • If you don’t know an answer, it’s OK, just say so. They aren’t trying to find out what you don’t know, only what you do know.
  • Always make sure they spell your name correctly and tell them you are with the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
  • If you every have any questions about how to handle the media or want to brainstorm what they may ask, contact Zeke Barlow in the Office of Communications and Marketing at 231-5417 or

How do I update my entry?

  • Everyone was sent a Google doc from their department head asking them to review their entry. The entries were written based upon your profile page.
  • However, if you find that you want to alter yours, send Zeke Barlow an email ( with your changes. Remember we are speaking to a lay audience, so keep your responses simple. Keep your edits in the same format as the website.
  • We will make edits on a quarterly basis.
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