External grants in the third quarter of fiscal year 2015

A partial list of external grants received by CALS faculty during the third quarter of fiscal year 2015 (January 2015 – March 2015) are included here. Only projects with total awards of $100,000 or more are included. We apologize for any omissions.



PI and Co-PIs

Total Award Amount

Subcontract from Texas Biomedical Research Institute Baylor College of Medicine Z. Adelman (ENT) $134,401
Identification and Management of Critical Control Points in the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance from Animal Manure to Raw Produce USDA-NIFA A. Pruden-Bagchi (Civil & Envir. Eng.), K. Knowlton (DASC), K. Xia (CSES), M. Ponder (FST), W. Hession (BSE), L. A. Krometis (BSE), T. Archibald (ALCE), and A. Vallotton (HORT) $750,000
Multi-scale habitat biodiversity impacts on ecosystem services in agricultural systems USDA-NIFA M. O’Rourke (HORT), T. Anderson (ENT), S. Karpanty (Fish & Wildlife Conservation), and M. Sorice (For. Res. & Envir. Cons.) $499,980
Adaptive matching Estimators for Property Valuation with Application to Urban Stream Restoration USDA-NIFA K. Moeltner (AAEC) $313,557
Milk Packaging Options for Light Protection of Milk Flavor from Processing through Retail Purchase Dairy Management Inc. S. Duncan (FST), P. Mallikarjunan (BSE), J. Marcy (FST), and S. O’Keefe (FST) $201,649
Investigation of Risk Criteria and Foodborne Pathogen Reduction Practices for Irrigation Water Center for Produce Safety U. C. Davis S. Rideout (ESAREC) and R. Boyer (FST) $152,344
4-H National Mentoring Grant 5 National 4-H Council M. Martin (4-H Centers and Admin), Brian Hairston (Central District Ext.), T. Totten (Central District Ext.), L. Eanes (Central District Ext.), and R. Schalk (Northern District Ext.) $123,000
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Education (SNAP-Ed) Va. Dept. of Social Services E. Serrano (HNFE) and J. Midkiff (Southeast District Extension) $1,197,296
The TET Family Regulates Embryogenesis By Controlling Both DNA And Histone Methylation USDA NIFA K. Lee (APSC) $334,263
Military Families Learning Network University of Illinois S. Baughman (CALS Extension) $311,900
Nutrient Management Technical Support Va. Department of Cons. & Rec. J. M. Goatley and T. Thompson (CSES) $288,048
Adapting Chicken Production to Climate Change through Breeding Univ. of Delaware M. Persia (APSC) $137,346
Chesapeake Bay Implementation Technical Support-2015 Va. Department of Cons. & Rec. D. Sample (HRAREC) $102,143


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