VCE Diversity and Inclusion fellows attend Tri-State Diversity Conference

VCE Diversity and Inclusion Fellows Tara Brent and Christina Ruszczyk-Murray recently attended the Tri-State Diversity Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, hosted by Ohio State University, Purdue University, Kentucky State University, and University of Kentucky Extension. Their attendance was funded in part by the John and Shirley Gerken Professional Development Award.

The theme of the conference was “reThinking Diversity — Addressing the Cultural Shift in America.” Speakers included Clyde Wilson Pickett, special assistant to the president for Diversity and Inclusion at the Community College of Alleghany County, and Lee Mun Wah, internationally renowned filmmaker and diversity trainer with Stirfry Seminars and Consulting. Workshops focused on intercultural communication, micro-aggressions, and cultural competence, with hands-on activities and strategies.

“The things I learned at this conference will be invaluable to me in my diversity work across the commonwealth. My toolkit has definitely grown and I can’t wait to start sharing the knowledge I gained,” Brent said.

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