Procedure for unit office web updates

Requests for minor unit office changes (quick updates that include changing dates, links, removing content, etc.) can be emailed to Constance Moulder at The standard completion time for unit office updates is two-three business days. All update requests should be combined into one email.

As a reminder, make sure to include the VCE logo, VCE full indicia statement and ADA statement (when applicable) on all documents (printed or electronic) that are distributed publicly including promotion for workshops, events, seminars, classes, organizational meetings, and newsletters. Requests to post items that do not have this information will be sent back to the client to be updated.

Requests for new unit office pages and extensive content revisions and additions must be submitted via the Online Project Request System. Instructions for completing the online submission form for a unit office website update are featured on the Local Unit Website Requests page.

— Constance Moulder

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