Upcoming workshop: Energy Savings through Lean Thinking

An important component of cost in manufacturing, forestry, and agricultural activities is energy consumption. At Virginia Tech we realize that producers in the region have a great opportunity to decrease energy costs by understanding how lean thinking principles can be implemented along with best energy management practices.

The proposed workshop will introduce the concepts of lean thinking, value stream mapping, data mining, and energy management systems. The methodology includes presentations, kaizen blitz, and individual work to develop basic skills in energy management and decision making.


  • Introduction to lean manufacturing. How is lean manufacturing related to energy savings?
  • Value stream mapping (VSM)
  • Incorporation of energy consumption into VSM
  • Data mining for energy consumption
  • Using energy management systems for decision making

The registration fee is $25 and includes materials, coffee breaks, and lunch. Please download the registration form and submit it as soon as possible!

The workshop will be held in Marion, Virginia, on Nov. 20.

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