External grants in the first quarter FY2015

A partial list of external grants received by CALS faculty during the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 (July-September 2014) are included here. Only projects with total awards of $100,000 or more are included. We apologize for any omissions.

Title Sponsor PI and Co-PIs Total Award Amount
Novel Nanovaccines Against Nicotine Addiction National Institute on Drug Abuse C. Zhang (BSE), M. Ehrich and G. Magnin-Bissel (Vet. Med. Ag. Exper. Station), H. Zheng (BSE) $727,306
Discovery and Mechanism of Antimalarial Natural Products National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine D. Kingston (CHEM) and M. Cassera (BIOCHEM) $436,606
Boxwood Blight Studying Calonectria Pseudonaviculata Biology and Epideiology to Enhance Mitigation Strategies USDA-APHIS C. Hong (HRAREC) and A. Baudoin (PPWS) $306,246
d13C Added Sugar Intake Biomarker: Determining Validity in Children National Institute of Child Health & Human Development B. Davy (HNFE), J. Savla (Center for Gerontology), and M. Frisard (HNFE) $204,921
Technical Services, Stormwater Modeling for the City of Virginia Beach Virginia Beach City D. Sample (HRAREC) $146,577
Mechanisms of Nutrient Transport from Plants to Biotrophic Pathogens NSF G. Pilot, J. McDowell, and S. Okumoto (PPWS) and R. Helm (BIOCHEM) $651,587
Systems Analysis of Social Pathways of EpIdemics to Reduce Health Disparities NIH, NIGMS K. Abbas (Population Health Science), S. Swarup, A. Marathe, B. Lewis, S. Eubank and J. Chen (VBI), R. Stephens (PSYCH), K. Boyle (AAEC), P. Murray-Tuite (Civil & Envir. Eng.), and H. Rahmandad (Ind. & Syst. Eng.) $352,634
Soil Science Assistance Program – Virginia Department of Health Va. Dept. of Health J. Galbraith and S. Hodges (CSES) $307,211
New River PCB TMDL: Data Analysis and Modeling and TMDL Development Va. DEQ B. Benham, K. Kline, and E. Yagow (BSE) $298,000
Food and Agricultural Education Information System (FAEIS) – FY 2014 USDA NIFA M. Marchant (AAEC), E. Vance and E. Smith (Statistics) $219,999
BEHEARD Expressions of Interest for Ph.D. Degree Training of Students from Mozambique Michigan State University C. Larochelle (AAEC), P. Mallikarjunan (BSE), and G. Norton (AAEC) $209,637
Development of Doubled Haploid Wheat Lines to Accelerate Cultivar Development Va. Small Grains Board C. Griffey (CSES), R. Pitman (ESAREC), and M. Rosso (CSES) $204,000
Identifying pathogenic determinants of Acidovorax citrulli toward control of bacterial fruit blotch of cucurbits Binational Agricultural Research & Development Fund B. Zhao and G. Welbaum (HORT) $100,000
International Aquaculture Training Institute Forever Oceans Corporation M. Schwarz and M. Jahncke (VSAREC) $100,000
Flavor Distoration through Interaction of Chemicals in Fluids and Can Coatings Coca-Cola Company S. Okeefe (FST) and R. Batra (Eng. Science & Mechanics) $230,887
AgrAbility Virginia USDA NIFA K. Niewolny (ALCE), D. Ohanehi and J. Perumpral (BSE) $179,626
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