2013-2014 Pesticide Safety Education Program winners

Please join us in congratulating all of our state winners for the 2013-2014 Pesticide Safety Education Program. We have some amazing work going on around the state from our outstanding faculty.

2013-2014 Pesticide Safety Education Program

1st Place – Pesticide Safety Education Program 2013-2014 – Middle Peninsula Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification

  • Laura M. Maxey
  • John B. Allison
  • T. Keith Balderson
  • David M. Moore

 2nd Place — Pesticide Safety Education Program 2013-2014 – Pesticide Applicator Recertification Course

  • Cynthia L. Gregg
  • Haley McCann
  • Michael J. Parrish
  • Brittany A. Council
  • Lindy C. Tucker
  • Bruce G. Jones
  • P. Lloyd Hipkins
  • J. Scott Reiter
  • Michael Elliott

3rd Place — Pesticide Safety Education Program 2013-2014 – Private Pesticide Applicators Recertification: Greensville/Emporia

  • Brittany A. Council
  • Glenn R. Slade
  • Kelvin O. Wells

2013 Pesticide Disposal Program

  • Jonathan M. Vest

2013 Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling Program

  • Roy D. Flanagan

As you all are compiling your exemplary accomplishments for eFARS, please take the time to compile your communications work from March 15, 2014 to March 15, 2015. There are 14 categories to choose from and are listed below:

Communications Categories:

  1. Audio Recordings
  2. Published Photo & Caption
  3. Computer Generated Graphics Presentation With Script
  4. Program Promotional Piece
  5. Personal Column
  6. Feature Story
  7. Newsletter, Individual
  8. Newsletter, Team
  9. Video Recordings
  10. Fact Sheet
  11. Publication
  12. Website/Online Content
  13. Learning Module/Notebook
  14. Bound Book

Submissions are due by 5 p.m. March 15, 2014

The Communication Awards Program is defined in more detail in the December edition of The County Agent.

Thank you all for the outstanding work and commitment to extending knowledge across the commonwealth.

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