2014-2015 staff performance planning

By now, your 2013 Staff Performance Evaluations are complete. While navigation of the online tool is fresh in your memory, it is best to get a plan set for the coming review year. Within 30 days after evaluations are received by employees, a new performance plan for the following year (2014-15) should be established between the supervisor and employee (State Policy). The performance plan is established at the beginning of the year-long performance review cycle, generally in late October or early November after evaluations from the previous review year have been completed. Supervisors provide coaching and feedback to employees throughout the cycle, and finally, evaluations are completed the following October.

An employee’s duties and responsibilities are contained in both an employee’s position description and the Performance Plan. The position description is found in PeopleAdmin, and is a summary of the role, describes all of the responsibilities of the employee in the position, provides a comprehensive look at the position duties and purpose, and is the primary document used for recruiting for the position. The Performance Plan, which is found in HokieSpa, lists goals and metrics specific to the current plan year and includes competencies and career development items. Before developing a Performance Plan, please review your employee’s position description to ensure that it is still an accurate reflection of the purpose and duties of the position.

Detailed instructions are available for completing the Performance Planning process and navigating the system on the Performance Planning Checklist. These instructions include planning for new employees, for existing employees, and for rolling plans from last year to this year. Instructions may be found on the VCE Intranet under Personnel, or on the new CALS HR website.

Please continue to let April Wood know if you encounter system problems and we will remedy them. If you have any questions regarding administration of the performance planning/evaluation process, contact April Wood at 540-231-3003.

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