Update: Extension website redesign information

The launch of the new Virginia Cooperative Extension website is quickly approaching, and we need your help. For almost a year, we have sent messages to Extension specialists regarding the new topic pages and have encouraged participation in the new site by filling out the topic request survey.

The survey is still open, but we are not reviewing new submissions until after the site launches to give us time to complete the topic pages that have already been started.

The final deadline is Sept. 15 to finalize all topic pages for the new site’s launch, slated for Oct. 15. This means content on the existing Extension websites that has not been requested to be moved to the new site will not be publicly accessible after the new site launches. Once the new site is live, we will resume accepting requests for new content.

If you do not want to lose public access to your information when the new site launches, you must fill out a topic page request and/or contact Susan Gill or Lori Greiner ASAP. We will not automatically move your existing content, so it is vital that you inform us of what needs to be moved over and where.

Note: This does not apply to the Publications or Offices websites. They are not part of this project, will not be moved into the new site, and will remain as they are. Their design will be updated as Phase 2 and Phase 3 of this overall project, likely to occur in 2015-2016.

If you are still unclear as to the redesign/restructure will work and look, please watch the recorded webinar from Aug. 18. It will give you a tour of the new site and how the restructure will work. (Downloadable version here).

Thank you for your assistance in completing this large project!

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