New Virginia Tech Bed Bug and Urban Pest Information Center

The Virginia Tech Bed Bug and Urban Pest Information Center is a new service offered by the Department of Entomology and funded by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer services.

The Virginia Tech Bed Bug and Urban Pest Information Center (VTBBIC) is made up of a team of expert urban pest management professionals who are capable of designing and implementing customized IPM programs. These individuals can provide professional organizations and the citizens of Virginia with face-to-face, customized, hands-on guidance on how to control bed bugs and other urban pests. We can also aid in the writing of customized pest control contract requests, and we can demonstrate the implementation of bed bug prevention techniques to facilities managers.

The VTBBIC provides both resident and staff training on bed bug and urban pest biology, behavior, prevention, IPM, and pesticide safety. The VTBBIC also conducts research to evaluate the efficacy of pest control products and IPM strategies. We are able to disseminate our findings through a user-friendly website, technical bulletins, and illustrated educational materials.

The vision of the VTBBIC’s function is that when people (including pest management professionals) need help with bed bugs or other urban pests, they can call our office and receive personalized pest management guidance, including a field evaluation of their site, and the development of a customized IPM plan.

— Molly Stedfast

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