John Lee Pratt Animal Nutrition Program open for research proposals

The John Lee Pratt Endowment, established to support animal nutrition research programs at Virginia Tech, has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of the university’s animal nutrition programs. In an effort to better meet the original endowment goals of enhancing animal nutrition programs, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Pratt Endowment Executive Council made the allocation of Pratt funds program-based.

To meet the established objectives of the endowment, proposals for support of personnel (graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, or visiting scientists), small equipment, and associated tuition and research supplies are being solicited from investigators. The requested support should specifically aid in the establishment of new interdisciplinary and/or externally-funded research, augment established funded research programs, or bridge gaps in projects between periods of extramural funding.

Virginia Tech faculty pursuing animal nutrition-related research or activities that are consistent with Pratt Endowment objectives are eligible to submit proposals to the Pratt Animal Nutrition Program.

Proposals will be typically funded at the maximum amount of $90,000; however proposals that involve interdisciplinary teams (4 or more investigators) may be funded at a maximum level of $200,000.

Proposals should be submitted through the CALS submission portal. Once in the portal, click on the “CALS Special Submissions” link at the top and select “Pratt Proposals” under Project Type. Please upload the proposal in a Word document.

If you have any questions regarding the submission system, please contact Lesley Mitchell at 540-231-6986.

The deadline for submission of the proposal is no later than 5 p.m. on Sept. 12, 2014. Principal Investigators will be notified in January 2015 and funding will be made available July 2015.

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