Potato breeding research grant program open for applications

The purpose of this special research potato breeding grant program is to support potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) research programs that focus on varietal development and testing and potato varieties for commercial production. As used herein, varietal development and testing is research using conventional breeding and/or biotechnological genetics to develop improved potato varieties. Aspects of evaluation, screening, and testing must support variety development.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • 1862 land-grant institutions
  • 1890 land-grant institutions
  • 1994 land-grant institutions
  • State agricultural experiment stations

Applications may be submitted by state agricultural experiment stations, land-grant colleges and universities, research foundations established by land-grant colleges and universities, colleges and universities receiving funds under the act of Oct. 10, 1962, as amended, and accredited schools or colleges of veterinary medicine. Award recipients may subcontract to organizations not eligible to apply provided such organizations are necessary for the conduct of the project.

Applications are due May 15.

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