Kevin Boyle named to EPA advisory committee

Kevin BoyleKevin Boyle, director of the Program in Real Estate and professor of agricultural and applied economics in Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, was recently named to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board’s Economics Advisory Committee.

In his capacity as a committee member, Boyle will be part of a team that reviews policies at the federal level to ensure that cost and benefits analyses are computed correctly.

Though nominees don’t know the criteria used for selection, Boyle’s expertise in environmental and health economics, in addition to his recent cost-benefit analysis work with storm water policies, were most likely contributing factors to his being nominated.

He is an internationally recognized expert in the area of estimating values for items not directly traded in markets, including natural resources. His research focuses on improving methods to measure values and to elicit preferences for water, and land and forest resources with an emphasis on how those resources influence real estate markets.

As both the director of the Program in Real Estate at Virginia Tech and a faculty member in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, his students will also reap the benefits of assessing the real-world examples he will be able to bring to the classroom regarding environmental policy issues.


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