Recent Hires

CALS New Hires

(between Oct. 10, 2013 and Nov. 9, 2013)

Name Job Title Hire Date Organization Description

CALS Faculty

Ray, Partha P. Postdoctoral Associate CY 10/10/13 Dairy Science
Aryan, Azadeh Postdoctoral Associate CY 10/25/13 Entomology
Brock, Donna Jean P. Project Associate CY 10/30/13 Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise

CALS Staff

Pogue, Bradley GIS Programmer 10/28/13 Entomology

Extension Faculty

Puryear, Cindy R. Associate Extension Agent, 4H 10/10/13 Spotsylvania Coop Extension Service
Davis, Andrea W. Assoc Ext Agt, Ag & Nat Res 10/10/13 Va Beach Coop Extension Service
Hilleary, James E. Assoc Ext Agt, ANR 10/10/13 Loudoun Coop Extension Service
Rij, Ursula J. Assoc Extension Agent, 4H 10/25/13 Caroline Coop Extension Service
Mernin, Christopher A. 4H Youth Development Agent 10/21/13 King William Coop Extension Service

Extension Staff

Baldwin, Linda K. Unit Admin Asst 10/10/13 Rappahannock Coop Extension Service
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