Agriculture and Food Science Initiative request for proposal

In fiscal year 2014, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture will not issue new awards but will support its ongoing research, education, and extension investments within the Agriculture and Natural Resources Science for Climate Variability and Change Program through continuation awards.

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture will provide approximately $31 million in funding for continuation awards to support or ongoing investments. Funding will support adaptive management and mitigation potentials of agricultural and natural resource systems to address climate variables such as precipitation and temperature, and their impacts as a result of violent weather extremes, floods, or persistent droughts. This includes: classical breeding, germplasm phenotyping, and genomics work to support the development of new plant varieties and animal breeds adapted to changing climate conditions; and the development of new cropping, forest, and livestock management systems that are responsive to climatic challenges including limits on irrigation water supplies, invasive species, forest fires, and weather extremes.

Online applications and additional information are posted by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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