New VCE In-Service and Administrative Events Calendar

A new Outlook calendar has been created for the purpose of posting all Virginia Cooperative Extension In-service trainings and other VCE internal functions such as UC meetings, District Meetings, new VCE Faculty orientations, etc. It is called VCE In-service and Administrative Events calendar. While the VCE Public Calendar System is designed for posting events for our clients, this calendar is made for posting internal training and administrative events.

VCE State (VT and VSU) and District administrators (and their administrative assistants), are authors on the calendar and are able to add events to it. All VCE faculty and staff with a VT PID  have the ability to view all items on the calendar by including the calendar on their shared calendar list. If you have a suggestion for an event to be posted to this calendar, contact either your District office or a member of the VCE state staff.

See the instructions below to add the VCE In-service and Administrative Events Calendar to your Shared Calendar list in Outlook (for those using a PC and Outlook v.2010). You can also access the calendar through WebOutlook. This link is also useful for accessing the Calendar from a mobile device such as your smartphone.

If you have questions, or if you are a Mac user, or don’t have an Outlook account, contact Joe Hunnings, your AIT, or the AHNR-IT Help desk for assistance.

Instructions: Adding the VCE In-service and Administrative Events calendar

  1. Go to Open Calendar in the Outlook Calendar Toolbar. Click on it and select Open Shared Calendar


2. Click on Name.




3.The box below will open up. Select Global Address List in the Address Book window. The type VCE in the search window. Calendars with the letters VCE will appear in the box. Select VCE In-service and Administrative Events and click OK.




4. The dialog box below will appear. Click OK.




5. The VCE In-service and Administrative Events calendar will appear in your Shared calendar list.


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