Grant Forward Funding Database launched at Virginia Tech

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is pleased to announce the availability of the Grant Forward funding database to faculty, postdocs, staff, and students at Virginia Tech. This service allows anyone with a Virginia Tech email address to search for research funding by entering key words or saving queries, to track funding opportunities of interest, and to receive customized updates via email. In addition to research funding, the Grant Forward database includes fellowship and scholarship opportunities, education and training grant information, workshop and seminar funding, travel grants, and more.

Grant Forward is a new grant search service that has replaced the University of Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS), which has been piloted by several units on campus. The database includes a diverse inventory of more than 8,000 federal funding opportunities and more than 6,000 Foundation opportunities, spanning diverse academic fields including the arts, medical sciences, education, humanities, social sciences, business, engineering and technology, physical sciences, law, and many more.

Grant Forward can be accessed directly from a campus computer, or from an off-campus computer by setting up an account using your Virginia Tech email address. Setting up an account will allow researchers to save searches, received customized notices of new or updated funding opportunities, and to save individual grant opportunities for future reference. We highly recommend that you register and set up an account in order to take full advantage of the benefits of this system.

For more information, visit Grant Forward. For questions regarding, please contact Beth Tranter, chief of staff for OVPR.

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