Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training program now available

I am pleased to announce the availability of Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training (FACT), a free online training and testing program, that upon successful completion of the tests for each of ten subject areas, meets the requirements of becoming a Virginia Certified Fertilizer Applicator as administered through the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS). Complete instructions on how to access the system, enroll in the training, complete the training and testing, and contact information for any questions are on the website.

This program was developed primarily for turfgrass industry clientele involved in urban nutrient management, especially commercial fertilizer applicators and applicators treating municipal properties. Please share this information along to any clientele that require this training. For agents that advise Master Gardener Volunteers, all interested MGVs are encouraged to participate in the program, but we ask that this participation be organized through Coordinator Dave Close’s office.

The project is a collaborative effort between personnel in Virginia Cooperative Extension, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, VDACS, and Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (VDCR). In particular, I offer my thanks to Mark Sumner, Information Technology Analyst for CALS, Pat Hipkins of Pesticide Programs, Tim Sexton of VDCR, and Andy Alvarez, Don Delorme, Larry Nichols, and Erin Williams of VDACS, as well as a number of VCE agents and VDACS and VDCR employees that took the time to test the system for us.

If you have specific requests for any of this training and/or testing material etc. that might meet the needs of any of your specific programs, please let Mark Sumner and me know how we can assist you.

Mike Goately, Professor and Extension Turfgrass Specialist

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