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Do you manage a social media account for your college or Extension group? University Relations is compiling an index of all Virginia Tech-affiliated social media accounts. If you filled out our survey last fall, we have your information. If not, please send a list of your accounts, including website addresses, to Susan Gill. Thank you!

Did you know that we have social media followers from all over the world? After the U.S., the country that follows the college’s Facebook the most is Turkey. Extension has a lot of fans in India. Sometimes, you’ll see wonderful agriculture tweets in other languages because of this international following:

This tweet from a Twitter follower in Saudi Arabia explains the way to identify a pest common on palm trees.

The social media accounts for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Virginia Cooperative Extension continue to grow! Here’s a quick summary of the fan/follower growth since November 2012:

Nov-12 Dec-12 Jan-13 Feb-13
CALS Facebook 1,977 2,006 2,034 2,085
new 29 28 51
%change 1.47% 1.40% 2.51%
 VCE Facebook 1,149 1,172 1,204 1,278
new 23 32 74
%change 2.00% 2.73% 6.15%
 @VTAgLifeSci n/a 1,923 2,009 2,083
new 86 74
%change 4.47% 3.68%
 @VCE_news n/a 425 489 547
new 64 58
%change 15.06% 11.86%
@VAExtensionPubs n/a 9 24 32
new 15 8
%change 166.67% 33.33%
CALS Pinterest n/a 200 334 405
new 134 71
%change 67.00% 21.26%
Average growth 0.58% 42.89% 13.13%

If you’d like help promoting your Facebook or Twitter account, we can help spread the word through our accounts. Please contact Susan Gill if you have questions.

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