2013 Virginia Cooperative Extension poster award winners

The posters were exhibited and judged during the VCE Professional Development Conference in January. First place winners received $500, second place winners received $300, and third place winners received $200.

Specialist category, first place: Martha Walker (Central District), John Ignosh (Northern District), David Reed (Southern Piedmont AREC), and Taylor Clarke (Mecklenburg County) for On-Farm Energy Efficiency Pilot Project 2010-2012

Specialist category, second place: Kim Niewolny (Agriculture and Extension Education) and Matthew Benson (Agriculture and Extension Education) for Strengthening the Virginia Farm to School Program Through a State-based Evaluation

(Photo not available) Specialist category, third place: Renee Boyer (Food Science and Technology), Lilly Yang (Food Science and Technology), Judy Harrison (University of Georgia), Julia Gaskin (University of Georgia), and Geoff Zehnder (Clemson University) for Enhancing the Safety of Locally Grown Produce

Community Viability category, first place: Rodney Leech (Highland County) and David Seymour (West Virginia ANR Agent) for Regional Approach for Value Added Livestock Opportunities in Virginia and West Virginia

Community Viability category, second place: Bobby Clarke (Mecklenburg County) and Brandon Davis (Shenandoah County director of planning and zoning) for Sustaining Community Viability by Educating Landowners About Conservation Easements

Family and Consumer Sciences category, first place: Amy Hawkins (Greensville County) and Donna McBride (Surry County) for Diabetes Self-management Skills Increase in Southeast Virginia

Family and Consumer Sciences category, second place: Crystal Barber (City of Portsmouth), Doris Baskfield-Health (James City County), Amy Hawkins (Greensville County), Debra Jones (Virginia State University), and Troy Tucker (Virginia State University) for Lifestyle Practices to Improve the Quality of Life in Adults: The Walk a Weight Healthy Lifestyle Program

Family and Consumer Sciences category, third place: Eric Bowen (Nottaway County/Central District) for Building a Mobile Demonstration Kitchen to Expand Extension Food Safety Programs

4-H category, first place: Billie Jean Elmer (Surry County), Glenn Slade (Surry County), Donna McBride (Surry County), and Teresa Vaughn (Surry County), for Surry County’s Response to Creating and Maintaining a 4-H School Garden Program Through Partnership, Development, and Collaboration

4-H category, second place: Wendy Herdman (Westmoreland County), Stephanie Romelczyk (Westmoreland County), and Leslie Schoolfield (Westmoreland County) for Campers Build Healthy Futures by Building Healthy Pizzas

4-H category, third place:  Jeremy Johnson (James City County), Cynthia Rowles (New Kent County), Bethany Eigel (Chesterfield County), Krista Gustafson (Gloucester County), Chuck McCarthy (Mathews County volunteer), Dan Nortman (York County), and Rita Schalk (Hanover County) for Evolving 4-H Science Camp into a Mastery Experience

Agriculture and Natural Resources category, first place: Scott Baker (Bedford County), Todd Scott (Campbell County), Bruce Jones (Appomattox County), Jennifer Ligon (Buckingham County), Jamie Stowe (Pittsylvania County), Taylor Clarke (Mecklenburg County), Bob Jones (Charlotte County), David Smith (Cumberland County), Laura Siegle (Amelia County), Lindy Tucker (Lunenburg County), Haley McCann (Nottoway County), Cynthia Gregg (Brunswick County), Chris Brown (Halifax County), J.M. Davison (Campbell County Director of Economic Development), and Jim Meyers (Campbell County – retired) for Central Virginia’s Commodity Storage Initiative Brings Savings to Farmers

Agriculture and Natural Resources category, second place: Phil Belvins (Washington County) for A Comparison of the Yield Effects of Nitrogen Application Timing on Conventional Till Corn

(Photo not available) Agriculture and Natural Resources category, third place: Cynthia Martel (Franklin County), Katherine Phetxumphou (Environmental Engineering), Susan Duncan (Food Science and Technology), Amy Dietrich (Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Bob James (Dairy Science) for Effects of Well Water Quality on Dairy Farms in Virginia

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