2013 Family Nutrition Program Awards

Several awards are are available for Program Assistants and Nutrition Outreach Instructors working with the Family Nutrition Program (FNP) as well as for collaborators and supporters of the FNP. We encourage you to review the awards descriptions and eligibility criteria and submit nominations for worthy staff. Self nominations are allowable as well.

The nomination process is short and consists of the following three items:

  • Completing the FNP Awards Nomination form
  • Completing the summary statement for the Awards Booklet
  • Completing the two-page double-spaced description of the Program Assistants’ or Nutrition Outreach Instructors’ attributes that fit the award criteria and any supporting materials

Nominations must be received by April 5, 2013. Send nominations to me via email.

Thank you for taking time to submit nominations for yourself or a coworker.

— Judith L. Midkiff, project associate, operations and marketing

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