Scieneering applications due March 8

Are you, your graduate students, or postdocs interested in science and engineering undergraduates performing interdisciplinary research in your lab or group without worrying about their financial support? If so, please visit us to learn more and to register as a potential mentor.

Now entering its third year, the Scieneering program at Virginia Tech is an innovative undergraduate program focused on interdisciplinary research and academic study at the intersection of science, engineering and law.  As part of this program, science and engineering sophomores and juniors will perform one or more semesters of research in a lab or group outside of their home college. For example, a science major would conduct research in an engineering lab, or vice-versa.

Research may be a full-time summer experience (40 hrs/wk over 10 weeks) or a part-time experience (~15 hrs/wk during the semester and ~20 hrs/wk during the summer). Mentors receive up to $1,000 to purchase supplies pertinent to the student’s project and students will receive a fellowship. Mentors are expected to provide lab space and project oversight, assuring satisfactory student progress.

The Scieneering participant base has grown from 23 to 53 in one year and, with your help and participation, aims to attract up to 80 new, exemplary students this coming year.

So how does this work? Upon application, students review the database of projects and mentors compiled from the information you provide and then select and rank their preferred projects/mentors. If accepted to the program, students are matched to appropriate projects/mentors and, if your project is selected, you will be sent their complete application package for final approval before the student is assigned to you. Volunteering to mentor does not guarantee that a student will be placed in your lab.

We look forward to your participation. If you have any questions, please contact Keri Swaby. Thank you!

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