2012 VCE Program Excellence Awards nominations due Feb. 4

VCE Administration is pleased to announce the details of the 2012 VCE Program Excellence Awards. These awards recognize Extension field faculty, staff, and volunteers for exemplary major educational programming efforts.

There are five award categories: program marketing, program evaluation, program impact, interdisciplinary program, and new initiatives.

VCE Director Ed Jones has approved a significant increase in the cash awards provided to winners. District winners in each category will now receive $500 (up from $250) which can be used for program support and/or professional development activities.  State winners will now receive $1,000 (up from $500) for use in the same manner.

For more details including descriptions of award categories, award criteria, and judging process, go to the VCE Program Excellence Awards link found below on the Program Support page of the VCE Intranet. Last year’s district and state winners are also listed there with  links to the state winner’s entries.

Award nominations are due to District Directors by 8 a.m., Feb. 4, 2013 ,as a MS-Word e-mail attachment. State winners will be announced at the VESA meeting in May.

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