4-H members compete at the Eastern National Roundup

Virginia 4-H Members: (back row, from left) Monet Wilson, Olivia Wells, Shelley Brown, Lilly Johnston, Rachel Dominguez, Virginia Reasor, Jacquelyn Henley, and Delaney O’Donnell; (Front row, from left) Megan Wilson-Bost, Emily Johnston, Abby Worth-Jones, and Michaela Yowaiski.

In early November, a group of Virginia 4-H members traveled to Louisville, Ky., to compete in the equine divisions of the 2012 Eastern National Roundup. Representing Virginia in the Individual Presentation Division was Emily Johnston, with Monet Wilson and Olivia Wells competing in the Team Presentation Division. Abby Worth-Jones participated in the Public Speaking contest.

(From left) Virginia 4-H members Rachel Dominguez, Virginia Reasor, Michaela Yowaiski, Jacquelyn Henley, and Delaney O’Donnell with Coach Yvonne Miller, bottom.

Virginia was also represented by teams competing in Hippology, Horse Judging, and the Horse Bowl Competition this year. Representing Virginia in the Horse Bowl Competition were Kimberly Buonomo, Jake Buonomo, Jordan Ruffner, and Michaela Yoqaiski.

Hippology team members included Shelley Brown, Lily Johnston, Megan Wilson-Bost, and Julia Wenger. For the Individual Written portion of the Hippology contest, Virginia was secondoverall, with Shelley Brown placing secondand Julia Wenger placing fourth. In stations, Julia Wenger and Shelley Brown placed sixthand ninthrespectively, leading Virginia to 3rd for that portion of the contest. Shelley Brown was the third-highest individual, with Julia Wenger placing fourth.

Overall, the Virginia team placed sixth in Horse Judging, firstin Team Problems, and was the second-highest overall team in the Hippology Contest.

4-H members representing Virginia in the Horse Judging Competition for 2012 included Delaney O’Donnell, Virginia Reasor, Jacquelyn Henley, and Rachel Dominguez. In the Individual Halter Division, Delaney O’Donnell placed first, with Jacquelyn Henley in thirdand Rachel Dominguez in 11th! In the Individual Reasons Division, Rachel Dominguez and Delaney O’Donnell placed fourth and fifth, respectively. Delaney O’Donnell also placed as the ninth-highest individual in the contest. Overall, Virginia was 11th in Performance, third in Reasons, firstin Halter, and third overall.

For more information, please visit the Virginia 4-H Horse Programs’ website.

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