4-H members compete at Arabian horse nationals

From left: Virginia 4-H members Jacquelyn Henley, Delaney O’Donnell, Hannah Ho, and Hunter Liles at Arabian Nationals in Tulsa, Ok.

In October, members of the State 4-H Horse Judging Team competed at Arabian Nationals in Tulsa, Ok. Team members included Hannah Ho and Jacquelyn Henley of Albemarle County and Hunter Liles of Pittsylvania County.

Virginia 4-H member Hunter Liles shows off her new western saddle at Arabian Nationals in Tulsa, Ok.

In the 4-H Individual Halter Division, Liles placed fourth, Ho placed seventh, and Henley placed 11th. Overall, Virginia was second in the 4-H Team Halter Division. In the 4-H Individual Performance Division, Liles placed second, with Henley and Ho placing just out of the ribbons.

Virginia was fourthin the 4-H Team Performance Division. For the 4-H Individual Reasons Division, Liles placed sixth, with Ho placing 11th, Henley placing 14th, and the Virginia team placing fourthin the 4-H Team Reasons Division.

Overall, Liles was the High Individual Champion in the 4-H Division, and Ho and Henley placed 14th and 15threspectively. Virginia’s team placed fourthoverall in the 4-H Competition — very impressive for a three-person team!

Delaney O’Donnell competed at Arabian Nationals in Tulsa as an individual in the Arabian Horse Association Division on behalf of the Virginia Arabian Horse Association. Delaney placed seventhin the Individual Halter Division, 2nd in the Individual Performance Division, and second in the Individual Reasons Division. Delaney was also the third-highest individual overall in the AHA Division!

Travel funding for the 4-H Horse Judging Team is made possible through private donations, parental support, funding from the 4-H Horse Program endowment and the Fred and Jane Campbell Endowment.

For more information, please visit the Virginia 4-H Horse Programs’ website.

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