From the Dean — October 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Alan Grant

Alan Grant, dean

Among the many events and activities that took place in September was the final development stages of our college strategic planning process. The final version of our long-awaited 2012-2018 Strategic Plan was recently submitted to the Office of the Provost, completing a process that began many months ago and involved numerous stakeholders. I encourage you to peruse our new plan on the CALS website as we begin steps to implement the strategies and actions.

In addition to new mission and vision statements, the plan includes a list of values, emphasis areas, and four major goals with a number of strategies and high-priority action items. We also included a section that illustrates how our college plan is aligned and linked with the vision, goals, and objectives of the university’s long-range strategic road map, A Plan for a New Horizon. Some of our targets and metrics will be established during the implementation of the plan, while other measures will be tracked over time.

On September 13, I was pleased to take part in the annual CALS Scholarship Banquet, where we recognized student scholarship recipients and donors. The Garden at Kentland Farm provided fresh produce for the more than 335 people who attended the event. Graduate student Johanna Cricenti and undergraduate student Laura Griffin expressed their gratitude for the scholarships they received. James Pearson (agricultural economics ’87) gave an enthusiastic account of his career, explained what Ut Prosim means to him, and spoke about why he gives back to the college.

Department heads, deans, and staff welcomed 15 new faculty members to the college at the second annual CALS new faculty orientation and luncheon in September. This was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to greet these talented individuals whose specialties focus on some of the world’s most critical issues and target strategic areas for growth in the college. They bring new talent to focus areas of the college and will be working to address our teaching, research, and/or Extension missions.

Please join me in welcoming our new faculty, recognizing our fine student scholars, and thanking those who contributed to the important strategic planning process. I look forward to a bright future and exciting direction for the college .


Alan Grant, dean

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